CARE Final Monthly Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE Final Monthly Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church Activity Room
Description: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prayer meetings will transfer to a different format starting in July. Please contact each ministry’s coordinator for details.

Prayer items for this month are as follows:

New Life Fellowship

1. Pray that R. will soon fully recover from illness and M. comes to believe in the one true God

2. Pray that K. will truly turn away from his current way of life and accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord

3. Pray that A’s health situation will come under control with the help of medication

Handicapped Ministry

1. Pray that one of the team at TenderCare’s worship will restart soon

2. Pray for the Lord to show new direction and / or location for ministry

Prison ministry:

1. WDC chaplain Jonathan’s health.

2. J’s openness to the Gospel.

3. Saturday visitations in the WDC for July and August.


1. Pray that more church and community will know more about the ministry through our outreach programs on July 6; 13, 14 & August 17.

2. Pray for the safety of our July 20 picnic program, partnership between JBVC and CLBC fellowship.


1. Joanna is away for 3 more weeks, please pray for the protection for the team during her absence.

2. Pray for the two single mother families. The children of both families have issues with school. Pray that our intervention would help the youths stay in school

3. More and more women come forward and ask for assistance. Pray that we have enough manpower and resource to support them.

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2013-06-23
End Time: 21:30

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