CARE March Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE March Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church – Activity room
Description: Dear,

You are sincerely invited to join our monthly prayer meeting in March. Let us come and pray for the following items:

A. prison ministry:

1. Inmates truly repent in front of God.
2. People will be patient in God while being in immigration hold.

B. New Life Fellowship:
1. Pray for Ricky’s quick recovery from his 2nd time of heart failure
2. Pray that the Lord will allow opportunity for personal testimonials by NLF members.

C. Handicapped Ministry:
1. Pray that volunteers @ Tender Care monthly worship services will get all their health check done soon
2. Pray for opportunities in other locations for our weekly visitations

D. Rahab Ministry:
1. We have launched Alpha course. Please continue pray for the participants to open their minds and hearts for the gospel
2. We are continuing supporting three young women. Ask God to give us wisdom to deal with the situation.

E. Joy Beyond Vision Community:
1. Praise God JBVC has completed the 10 weeks OOTC project. Praying the relationship between church and JBVC has been strengthening, more opportunity for future partnership.
2. Praying VIPs attended church prior the OOTC volunteer work are willing to go to church after.
3. Praise God that JBVC assisted CNIB in radio interview, we received inquiry from the community to seek for help. Praying JBVC can partner with them in adapting and adjusting their new life as a VIP.

Start Time: 7:30PM
Date: 2013-03-24
End Time: 9:30PM

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