CARE February Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE February Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church Activity Room
Description: Without prayers, CARE’s ministries will not be made possible. Here are this month’s prayer items. You are invited to join this month’s prayer meeting and we encourage us to continue praying for CARE’s ministries.

Rahab Ministry

1. The launch party for Alpha is Monday, Feb 25 with 4 guests. Please remember hosts/leaders: Gladys & Vivian. Helpers: Joanna & Maggie

2. We hope to collect at least 50 samples for the massage parlour outreach. So far we have less than 10. Please pray God will move the women to talk to us.

3. We will partner with Toronto Swatow Baptist Church to host a summer youth camp for low income family, particularly, youths with mother in sex trade. Please remember the the on-going preparation.


1. Praise God that we have completed week seven of the 10 weeks OOTC project. May God continue to use this experience to empower our VIP to step out of their comfort zone and willing to utilize their skills / knowledge to help others after this project.

2. Praying those VIP who is attending church prior the volunteer work today will continue to attend church after.

3. Praying God will bless our “Dine in the Dark” event on March 23rd will able to carry out according to plan and objectives.

New Life Fellowship

1. For our Lord’s mercy and healing upon Ricky and also His comfort and peace on the heart of Monica & children

Handicapped Ministry

1. That our Lord will open door for us to visit the long term care facility at 130 Dunn Avenue

2. That patient S who is now more receptive to our visits will be willing to hear the Gospel message

3. That the physical check and police check required for our volunteers will not hinder our ministry at Tendercare

Prison Ministry:

1. Chinese New Year celebration in the GVI.

2. Mr. H’s surgery and his heart to hear the Gospel.

Start Time: 7:30 p.m.
Date: 2013-02-24
End Time: 9:30 p.m.

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