CARE January 2013 prayer meeting

Title: CARE January 2013 prayer meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church, Activity room
Description: Dear all,

We wish this email finds you all well.

We will like to invite you all to join CARE first monthly prayer meeting in 2013! We will pray for the needs of each ministry and individuals. Below are our prayer items:

Rahab Ministry

1. A new ministry leadership team is formed. Please pray for the wisdom and insight from God.
2. We are considering to host a Alpha course for the women we served. The first one would be in dual languages: Cantonese and Mandarin
3. Please pray for 2 teenage sons of one woman. We have connected the two boys to a church ministry and a counselor is willing to be their mentor.

New Life Fellowship

1. For the Lord to show mercy and grace upon our newcomer(s) so that they have the heart to stop the bad habit.
2. For all the members to grow stronger in their faith, obedience and love for the Lord.

Handicapped Ministry

1. May our ministry at Bickle Center not be hindered by the recent volunteer update requirement.
2. For the health and well being of all of our clients that we visit in different occasions.

Joy Beyond Vision Community (JBVC)

1. Praise God that we have 2 VIP who are willing to attend the Sunday service at TCCC prior their volunteer work. May their heart open for God’s Word.
2. Praise God JBVC is participating the 3rd years in TCCC’s OOTC project. Church and community are able to work together to serve the homeness!
3. Pray God the newly VIP’s believer is bringing her family to church for the first time! May God bbless them and make Him known within the family!

Prison Ministry

1. Chinese New Year celebration at the GVI in February.
2. O’s healing.

Start Time: 7:30pm
Date: 2013-01-27
End Time: 9:30pm

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