CARE Monthly Prayer Meeting – 福愛傳道社祈禱會

Title: CARE Monthly Prayer Meeting – 福愛傳道社祈禱會
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church
Start Time: 7:30 PM
Date: 2011-11-27
End Time: 9:30 PM

I. Prison Ministry:

1. Pray for Constance and Dave, volunteer coordinators of the WDC. Both of them are on leave due to injuries and disabilities. Pray for their recoveries.
2. Pray for the conclusion of the Alpha Program at the WDC.
3. For all the incarcerated men and women which CARE visits at various prisons, that they experience God’s love and peace at Christmas.

II. Rahab Ministry

Rahab Annual Carolling will held on the 2nd and 3rd weekend.

1. Please pray for the preparation: Christmas card writing, contact information labelling, gifts wrapping, and route planning.
2. Pray for good health and safety everyone who participate in the carolling team: singers and drivers.
3. Pray that the women who we visit will be touched by the message of Christmas.  Also, pray that they will review the gospel materials and their lives be changed by the gospel.

III. Joy Beyond Vision Community

1. Christmas celebration program is on Dec. 10th at Calvary Logos Baptist Church. praying B/S are able to be God’s witness through serving and interacting with VIP. praying this program can help B/S to better aware of the community need.
2. Pray for my Special visitation team, we will visit those VIP who cannot attend our regular meeting because of aging or health issue.

IV. 傷健人士事工:
1. 求慈愛天父憐憫及醫治長期患病在床之病友
2. 願主興起有愛心之信徒作義工加入探病行列
3. 求主使用詩班或小組在聖誕節期間到老人院獻唱聖詩

V. 福音戒賭 (新生命團契)事工:
1. 求主加力幫助已離開賭癮者繼續靠主堅持得勝
2. 願主大大使用團契及團友向陷於賭癮者伸出援手,介紹福音
3. 求神使團友更彼此相愛,在主內互相勉勵及扶持,見證主恩

Please contact us if you have any question or require any further information. Thank you and God bless.

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