C.A.R.E. Inc. is a non-profit, charitable Christian organization. Our aim is to evangelize to individuals through an all encompassing ministry. Our conviction is to follow the ministry of Christ for the total man. We believe that genuine and loving care can lead people to Christ. It is through serving man that we serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

福愛傳道社自成立至今已有了20年的服侍。目的是向那些因某種限制而不能自如去參加教會聚會及活動的人傳福音。到目前為止,本社的福音事工包括1) 監獄探訪及帶領囚友崇拜,2) 向視障人士傳福音及組織每月一次的團契聚會,3) 組織戒賭團契,每週舉行一次,4) 每週兩天到療養院、醫院或家中探訪因長期患病失去行動的人士,向他們及其家人提供援助及傳福音,5) 向華裔性工作者傳福音。請多為我們各項福音事工禱告。

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CARE Final Monthly Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE Final Monthly Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church Activity Room
Description: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prayer meetings will transfer to a different format starting in July. Please contact each ministry’s coordinator for details.

Prayer items for this month are as follows:

New Life Fellowship

1. Pray that R. will soon fully recover from illness and M. comes to believe in the one true God

2. Pray that K. will truly turn away from his current way of life and accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord

3. Pray that A’s health situation will come under control with the help of medication

Handicapped Ministry

1. Pray that one of the team at TenderCare’s worship will restart soon

2. Pray for the Lord to show new direction and / or location for ministry

Prison ministry:

1. WDC chaplain Jonathan’s health.

2. J’s openness to the Gospel.

3. Saturday visitations in the WDC for July and August.


1. Pray that more church and community will know more about the ministry through our outreach programs on July 6; 13, 14 & August 17.

2. Pray for the safety of our July 20 picnic program, partnership between JBVC and CLBC fellowship.


1. Joanna is away for 3 more weeks, please pray for the protection for the team during her absence.

2. Pray for the two single mother families. The children of both families have issues with school. Pray that our intervention would help the youths stay in school

3. More and more women come forward and ask for assistance. Pray that we have enough manpower and resource to support them.

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2013-06-23
End Time: 21:30

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CARE April Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE April Prayer Meeting
Location: TCCC – Activity Room
Description: You are sincerely invited to join our monthly prayer meeting. Let us come and pray for the following items:

New Life Fellowship:

1. Pray that our newcomers k. & A. will persevere in not going to gambling again
2. Pray that long time member T. will come back to fellowship soon
3. Pray that member R. & spouse M. will truly depend on the Lord for help and guidance, especially for R’s
speedy recovery from by-pass surgery

Handicapped Ministry:

1. Pray that the Lord will open door for more visit opportunities
2. Pray that the two teams @ TenderCare will persist in conducting the monthly worship services

Here are the prayer items from JBVC:

1. Pray for our brother N. who just accepted Christ in April, is willing and able to commit into church’s live.

2. Pray for the older sister of brother Y., who recently was out of job. The family is under stress as she was the main source of income. Praying they are able to see God’s hands in this situation.

3. Praying some new helpers would be able to discover their true passion in serving the VIP; so that they can commit in the ministry.

Prison ministry:

1. Pray for the upcoming opportunity to visit one more jail.
2. Pray for C’s life after the end of his parole.
3. Pray for the ones struggling with mental illnesses in detention centres.

Rahab Ministry

1. Alpha-Chinese will be end this month. Please pray for the regular participants to have desire to continue to seek the truth. Also pray for Alpha -English, scheduled in July 2013
2. We regularly provide support to several youths whose families are impacted by sex trade. Pray that we have right volunteers to mentor them and right programs to keep them engage.
3. The financial needs of the two new staff, and their ministry in Rahab.
Start Time: 7:30 PM
Date: 2013-04-28
End Time: 9:30 PM

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CARE March Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE March Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church – Activity room
Description: Dear,

You are sincerely invited to join our monthly prayer meeting in March. Let us come and pray for the following items:

A. prison ministry:

1. Inmates truly repent in front of God.
2. People will be patient in God while being in immigration hold.

B. New Life Fellowship:
1. Pray for Ricky’s quick recovery from his 2nd time of heart failure
2. Pray that the Lord will allow opportunity for personal testimonials by NLF members.

C. Handicapped Ministry:
1. Pray that volunteers @ Tender Care monthly worship services will get all their health check done soon
2. Pray for opportunities in other locations for our weekly visitations

D. Rahab Ministry:
1. We have launched Alpha course. Please continue pray for the participants to open their minds and hearts for the gospel
2. We are continuing supporting three young women. Ask God to give us wisdom to deal with the situation.

E. Joy Beyond Vision Community:
1. Praise God JBVC has completed the 10 weeks OOTC project. Praying the relationship between church and JBVC has been strengthening, more opportunity for future partnership.
2. Praying VIPs attended church prior the OOTC volunteer work are willing to go to church after.
3. Praise God that JBVC assisted CNIB in radio interview, we received inquiry from the community to seek for help. Praying JBVC can partner with them in adapting and adjusting VIP.in their new life as a VIP.

Start Time: 7:30PM
Date: 2013-03-24
End Time: 9:30PM

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CARE February Prayer Meeting

Title: CARE February Prayer Meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church Activity Room
Description: Without prayers, CARE’s ministries will not be made possible. Here are this month’s prayer items. You are invited to join this month’s prayer meeting and we encourage us to continue praying for CARE’s ministries.

Rahab Ministry

1. The launch party for Alpha is Monday, Feb 25 with 4 guests. Please remember hosts/leaders: Gladys & Vivian. Helpers: Joanna & Maggie

2. We hope to collect at least 50 samples for the massage parlour outreach. So far we have less than 10. Please pray God will move the women to talk to us.

3. We will partner with Toronto Swatow Baptist Church to host a summer youth camp for low income family, particularly, youths with mother in sex trade. Please remember the the on-going preparation.


1. Praise God that we have completed week seven of the 10 weeks OOTC project. May God continue to use this experience to empower our VIP to step out of their comfort zone and willing to utilize their skills / knowledge to help others after this project.

2. Praying those VIP who is attending church prior the volunteer work today will continue to attend church after.

3. Praying God will bless our “Dine in the Dark” event on March 23rd will able to carry out according to plan and objectives.

New Life Fellowship

1. For our Lord’s mercy and healing upon Ricky and also His comfort and peace on the heart of Monica & children

Handicapped Ministry

1. That our Lord will open door for us to visit the long term care facility at 130 Dunn Avenue

2. That patient S who is now more receptive to our visits will be willing to hear the Gospel message

3. That the physical check and police check required for our volunteers will not hinder our ministry at Tendercare

Prison Ministry:

1. Chinese New Year celebration in the GVI.

2. Mr. H’s surgery and his heart to hear the Gospel.

Start Time: 7:30 p.m.
Date: 2013-02-24
End Time: 9:30 p.m.

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CARE January 2013 prayer meeting

Title: CARE January 2013 prayer meeting
Location: Toronto Chinese Community Church, Activity room
Description: Dear all,

We wish this email finds you all well.

We will like to invite you all to join CARE first monthly prayer meeting in 2013! We will pray for the needs of each ministry and individuals. Below are our prayer items:

Rahab Ministry

1. A new ministry leadership team is formed. Please pray for the wisdom and insight from God.
2. We are considering to host a Alpha course for the women we served. The first one would be in dual languages: Cantonese and Mandarin
3. Please pray for 2 teenage sons of one woman. We have connected the two boys to a church ministry and a counselor is willing to be their mentor.

New Life Fellowship

1. For the Lord to show mercy and grace upon our newcomer(s) so that they have the heart to stop the bad habit.
2. For all the members to grow stronger in their faith, obedience and love for the Lord.

Handicapped Ministry

1. May our ministry at Bickle Center not be hindered by the recent volunteer update requirement.
2. For the health and well being of all of our clients that we visit in different occasions.

Joy Beyond Vision Community (JBVC)

1. Praise God that we have 2 VIP who are willing to attend the Sunday service at TCCC prior their volunteer work. May their heart open for God’s Word.
2. Praise God JBVC is participating the 3rd years in TCCC’s OOTC project. Church and community are able to work together to serve the homeness!
3. Pray God the newly VIP’s believer is bringing her family to church for the first time! May God bbless them and make Him known within the family!

Prison Ministry

1. Chinese New Year celebration at the GVI in February.
2. O’s healing.

Start Time: 7:30pm
Date: 2013-01-27
End Time: 9:30pm

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